Alpha-H Everyday Fresh Cotton Cloths (7 x Muslin Cloths)


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Gentle, pure cotton clothes for cleansing your complexion

A must-have addition to your cleansing routine, Alpha-H Everyday Fresh Cotton Cloths are suitable for all skin types. Ideal for using in conjunction with your favourite face wash or cleanser, the cloths gently remove impurities and make-up at the end of the day. Kind to your skin and yet highly efficient, the clothes help you to achieve a clean and fresh complexion so you can work your magic with your make-up once more to create your desired look. There’s 7 pure cotton clothes in the pack which you should slip into your bag so that you always have them to hand.


  • Pure cotton
  • Soft and gentle
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Use with any face wash or cleanser

Directions for Use

  • Apply your preferred cleanser or mask
  • Moisten a cotton cloth with warm water
  • Wipe away make-up and impurities using gentle, sweeping strokes
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