American Crew Alternator 100ml


RRP: £12.30
(You save £2.31 )

Spray it once, style it anytime

Why use wax when you can get your hands on this 100ml bottle of American Crew Alternator? If you want to have crunchy and hard hair then go ahead and use the wax. If you desire luxurious, styled locks, however, then grab yourself this bottle of American Crew Alternator. The bottle that provides you with a flexible style that you can control all day long.

All you need to do is apply the spray once, and style whenever you want. This Alternator spray provides your hair with a natural appearance, as well as medium hold and even medium shine. You will have the hair that everyone wants, so walk out of your front door knowing you can control your style all day long.


  • Spray bottle for easy application
  • Provides flexible styling
  • Non-tacky feel
  • Easy to remove with shampoo
  • Gives your hair a natural appeal
  • Medium hold
  • Medium shine
  • Restyle your hair anytime

Directions for Use

  • Hair can either be damp or day
  • Style as desired
  • Refresh and change up your style at any point throughout your day. Simply rework your style with your hands
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