American Crew Americana Fragrance 100ml

Brand: American Crew

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Fragrance of America

American Crew paves the way in terms of male grooming products, so is it any wonder that their fragrance is desired by customers and salon owners alike? This 100ml, travel size bottle of American Crew Americana Fragrance will set you apart from the generic perfume wearing males in your vicinity.

This aroma was uniquely made for the free spirited man - Now that is the life you want, no responsibility, no restriction and most importantly, surrounded by a delightful aroma.

Regain the scent of the season with this eau de toilette fragrance bottle, only for the bold and daring.


  • Luxurious scent
  • Perfect for any occasion
  • Calmng aroma
  • Greenwood adds a sharp masculine note
  • Contains bergamot, orange, lemon and coriander

Directions for Use

Ideally, hold perfume bottle 5-7 inches away from your body, point the nozzle in the direction or your body and then spray on your targeted area.

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