American Crew TECH SERIES Boost Spray 200ml



A volumising powder with no tell-tale residue

The American Crew TECH SERIES Boost Spray is determined to bring you the admirable volume that you want but without any signs of stickiness, clump or visible tell-tale residue.

Bringing you gravity defying boost, contemporary styles are easily within your reach without any feeling of heaviness or drag down. Feel free to let your express your personality with results that are easily achievable.

Looking to increase the weight, texture and versatility of finer hair? The boost spray gives your hair just enough oomph to let you style as you choose.

Wanting to freshen up between washes? Let the spray work its magic on those in between hair days so you are always looking on point without annoying product build-up.


  • Boosts volume with no tell-tale residue
  • Increases the look versatility of finer hair
  • Freshens up between washes
  • No feeling of weight or product build-up

How to Use

Spray into the hair and style away.

UK delivery only
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