Apothecary 87 1893 Shave Oil 50ml

Brand: Apothecary 87


Moisturising pre-shave oil with a wonderful aroma

Enjoy a smoother shave and avoid nasty nicks with the impressive Apothecary 87 Shave Oil. Moisturising your skin before you get to work with your razor, the oil enables your blade to simply glide over your face. Razor burn is eliminated and ingrowing hairs are addressed to deliver a more comfortable shave. The moisturising formula nourishes your skin with a carefully chosen blend of gorgeous oils and also boasts antiseptic properties.

A smooth and comfortable shave is the perfect start to the day and with its relaxing aroma of sandalwood and vanilla, this oil leaves you feeling calm and stress free. Your skin will be in the best of health and you can step out in confidence knowing that you have perfect your look. This fine shave oil is your route to a smooth and pain-free shave every single day.


  • Smoothing pre-shave oil
  • Eliminates razor burn
  • Addresses ingrowing hairs
  • Infused with sandalwood and vanilla
  • Ensures a smooth shave

Directions for Use

  • Apply a few drops of oil to your moist hands
  • Apply oil evenly to your face
  • Apply shaving cream
  • Shave
  • Rinse well
  • Splash face with cold water to seal your pores
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