Apothecary 87 The Man Club Barber Comb

Brand: Apothecary 87

RRP: £12.00
(You save £3.01 )

Manly wooden comb for styling your hair and beard

Flaunt your style and take care of your hair with the Apothecary 87 TheManClub Barber Comb! Designed to glide smoothly through tangled locks, this comb is suitable for grooming both your hair and your beard.

Combing is much better for your hair than brushing. A comb will arrange each strand in only one direction whereas a brush will move hair in multiple directions and this can be damaging. Manly, stylish and effective, this wooden comb looks and feels the part and will enable you to control your style without stressing your hair. It’s the sensible choice for any man and will always serve you well.


  • Grooms hair and beards
  • Glides through your hair
  • Minimises damage
  • Stylish and masculine
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