Apothecary 87 Unscented Beard Oil

Brand: Apothecary 87

£6.99 - £53.99

Unscented, conditioning beard oil for more supple hair

With Apothecary 87 Unscented Beard Oil, you are able to nourish your beard and keep it wonderfully soft whilst using your preferred fragrance. Those clever chaps at Apothecary 87 realised that you might want the conditioning without the aroma and so have worked hard to create the perfect unscented oil.

The oil moisturises your beard and skin to reduce irritation but also treats the hair follicle to ensure that your hair never becomes brittle. As you massage the oil into your beard and skin, the increased blood flow stimulates new growth. Quickly absorbed, the lightweight formula maximises nourishment whilst leaving your beard feeling natural and healthy. You can then bring your favourite fragrance into the mix to complete your grooming routine.


  • Nourishing formula
  • Keeps your beard soft
  • Prevents brittleness
  • Quickly absorbed
  • Unscented

Directions for Use

  • Towel dry your beard
  • Place your palm on top of the open bottle
  • Turn the bottle upside down to dispense a little oil
  • Apply the oil from root to tip
  • Massage in
  • Comb beard to detangle and style
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