Artdeco Perfect Volume Mascara 10ml - 21 Black

Brand: Artdeco


Mascara pact with rich colour that increases thickness & volume

The Artdeco Perfect Volume Mascara 10ml - 21 Black has a special brush oval, which envelops the eyelashes by increasing their thickness and volume.

It provides rich color and excellent opacity. nutritional formula with Panthenol and enriched with agents that embody the flanges, for a makeup sublime. Also available in waterproof version.

Apply directly to the eyelashes or after Lash Booster Volumizing Mascara Base.


  • Special brush oval
  • Increases thickness and volume
  • Rich COlour
  • Excellent opacity
  • Nutritional formula
  • Available in a waterproof version

How to Use:

  • Using the included wand, apply mascara to upper lashes first
  • Hold the brush underneath your lashes and close to the roots
  • Sweep the brush upwards towards the tips
  • Build volume with additional coats
  • Use the tip of the brush to apply a thin coat to your bottom lashes
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