Australian Bodycare Foot Cream 100ml

RRP: £12.75
(You save £3.06 )

For treating dry or cracked feet

Ideal for those with dry or cracked skin on the feet, the Australian Bodycare Foot Cream is an intense moisturising cream to remove fungal infections and bacteria while gently soothing and softening the skin. Enriched with key ingredients including 5% tea tree oil and Vitamin E, this cream is a quick, effective treatment which will restore the natural moisture balance and        re-hydrate the skin for smooth, more supple results.  


  • Ideal for dry/cracked feet
  • Deeply moisturises and hydrates 
  • Softens the skin 
  • Eliminates fungal infections and bacteria 

How to Use

  • Best applied before bed
  • Apply generous amount into feet 
  • Rinse excess cream off in the morning 
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