Australian Bodycare Scalp Treatment Mask 75ml

Brand: Australian Bodycare

RRP: £16.50
(You save £2.51 )

An innovative scalp mask which helps irritated scalps

The Australian Bodycare Scalp Treatment Mask is the perfect remedy to relieve all scalp problems. This innovative scalp mask is ideal for those with itchy, dry and irritated scalps associated with skin conditions, dandruff and the build up caused by external products such as mousse, gel and hairspray.


  • Anti-inflammatory & calming action
  • helps to increase the activity of TTO, healing, soothing and repairing
  • Antiseptic and antimicrobial effect
  • High in unsaturated lipids making it a super moisturiser and humectant
  • For men and women

How to Use:

  • For full benefits the Scalp Treatment Mask should be applied to a dry scalp and massaged into the roots of the hair and scalp
  • paying particular attention to areas of irritation.
  • This should be left on the scalp for at least 20 minutes, but if possible overnight.
  • Repeat once a week or as needed.


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