b.tan Not Just Your Weekend Lover... Self Tan Mousse 200ml

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Violet based deep tan in one hour

Imbuing your skin with a rich and dark tan in just one hour, b.tan Not Just Your Weekend Lover... Self Tan Mousse delivers simply fabulous colour. You’ll look as if you have been basking in the sun for a week, not just the weekend and this violet based self-tan is just that little bit different. Don’t worry, it won’t turn you purple – the violet notes counter the yellow and orange undertones in your skin for a more natural-looking tan. Better still, the mousse takes care of your skin in the process.

Vegan friendly, paraben-free and with no added nasties at all, this self-tan is the discerning choice and features no unpleasant fake tan aroma. You will love the streak-free finish and your gorgeously deep tan is sure to get you noticed.


  • Creates a deep tan
  • Tan develops in one hour
  • Vegan friendly
  • No nasty fake tan aroma
  • No parabens
  • No added nasties - 100% natural DHA
  • Certified PETA Cruelty-Free

How to Use

  • Cleanse, exfoliate and dry your skin
  • Apply mousse with a tanning mitt
  • Wait one hour
  • Shower
  • For a darker tan, double coat or wait up to 4 hours before showering
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Paraben Free
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