Baby Foot Extra Rich Foot Cream 80g

Brand: Baby Foot

RRP: £9.99
(You save £2.34 )

A moisturising cream which prevents dryness and maintains soft, smooth feet

Enriched with Shea Butter, the Baby Foot Extra Rich Foot Cream 80g deeply and effectively moisturises, leaving your feet soft and smooth.

The Extra Rich Foot Cream prevents dryness and improves skin firmness. Recommended to be used for the aftercare of the Baby Foot exfoliation treatment. Do not use until the peeling process is completely finished.


  • Prevents dryness in the feet
  • Promotes soft, smooth results
  • Deep moisturising formula
  • Improves skin firmness
  • Perfect for those who struggle with dry/cracked feet

How to Use

  • Apply cream on the foot and rub it in well until it gets absorbed
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