Baby Foot Moisturising Foot Mask

Brand: Baby Foot


A 15 minute treatment to keep the feet ultra-smooth and healthy

Keep your feet baby smooth with the Baby Foot Moisturising Mask.

When you finish with your Baby Foot Exfoliation Foot Peel, apply the Baby Foot Moisturising Foot Mask for maximum moisturisation. It’s great for newly-peeled feet or when you’re between treatments but you want to maintain high moisturisation levels for your feet.

So, you’ve used your Baby Foot exfoliating foot mask and you want to keep your feet hydrated and healthy? Simply apply this product and wait 10-15 minutes. Remove it, and you’ll find that the Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and 14 natural extracts have penetrated your skin. These make your feet feel extra soft and smooth so you don’t have to be concerned about cracked, dry skin between Baby Foot Mask treatments.

If you struggle with cracked, dry skin, you may want to use the Baby Foot Moisturizing Mask more often than you use the foot peel. It will keep your feet looking and feeling fine between peels, until you have enough dead skin built up to need another one.

Stop worrying about your feet and try the Baby Foot Moisturizing Mask today. Before you know it, your feet will be soft and you won’t have to be concerned about them anymore.


  • Easy application
  • Hydrates and refreshes the feet
  • Helps maintain smooth, soft feet
  • Natural formula with Collagen, Hyaluornic Acid and 14 natural extracts
  • Perfect for those who struggle with dry/cracked skin

How to Use

  • Apply after using the Baby Foot Exfoliation Peel! Start by cleansing your feet, put the plastic booties on both feet and secure the booties around each ankle using the enclosed pieces of adhesive tape
  • Product should be used immediately after opening the booties. Wear the plastic booties for 10 to 15 minutes to allow the product to absorb
  • Remove the booties and rub the lotion gently into your skin to hydrate and refresh your feet
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