baByliss PRO Powerlite Dryer Silver


Quietest and lightest hairdryer yet

This lightweight BaByliss PRO Powerlite Dryer in Silver weighs only 445g, which is almost a third lighter than most other models. Its quieter too, with a powerful 1900w LHT motor, for effective high-torque drying.

The active iconic conditioning system and concentrated nozzle allows you to create smoother hairstyles as you dry your hair with precision. The dryer also features advanced ceramics with tourmaline, which help to leave your hair super-shiny and beautiful.

Adjust the speed and temperature to your liking with the six different settings. There is also the cold-blast option which will gives you extra shine and softness when used.


  • Lightweight hairdryer
  • Quiet but powerful 1900w LHT motor
  • Leaves hair smooth, shiny and dry
  • Six different settings for heat and speed
  • Concentrated nozzle allows you to style your hair as you dry

Please note:

  • Do not allow the air grills to become blocked or obstructed. Clean them regularly with a soft brush
  • Always unplug after use, pulling from the plug, not the cable
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