Badger Argan Face Cleansing Oil 59.1ml



Deep-pore oil cleanser for all skin types

Suitable for all skin types, Badger Argan Face Cleansing Oil cleans, refreshes and rebalances your skin. A fine fusion of 100% natural and certified organic ingredients, this deep-pore cleanser harnesses the power of nature to lift your complexion.

Inspired by thousands of years of natural skincare, the cleanser features wonderful argan oil, sunflower oil and jojoba to replenish lost vitamins, fatty acids and lipids. Castor oil lifts impurities and the carefully conceived blend won’t strip or dry your skin. The oils dissolve the dirt, pollution and other impurities which are trapped in your facial oils and replace the bacteria, dead skin cells and product build-up with fresh and vibrant plant oils.

You can look forward to a refreshed, cleansed and revitalised complexion which feels balanced and radiant. But the good news doesn’t end there! This cleanser boasts a citrus and floral aroma which stimulates your senses and lifts your spirits!


  • 100% Natural and certified organic
  • Deep-pore cleanser for all skin types
  • Boosts vitamins, fatty acids and lipids
  • Enriched with argan oil, sunflower oil and jojoba

Directions for Use

  • Massage the cleansing oil into your facial skin using circular motions
  • Use a wet and warm cloth to steam open your pores
  • Gently wipe the cloth over your face to remove oil, dirt and cosmetics
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