Badger Baby Sunscreen Cream SPF 30 87ml

Brand: Badger

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Broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection for babies and children

Gentle and nourishing, Badger Baby Sunscreen Cream SPF 30 has been tested and approved safe for babies and small children. Offering broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, the sunscreen is water resistant for at least 40 minutes and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Featuring a certified organic base of sunflower oil, beeswax & vitamin E, the formula is ultra-moisturizing and soothing as well as protective. The sunscreen is BPA & phthalate-free and, being biodegradable, is safe for coral reefs and other sensitive ecosystems. Better still, the tube is made from recyclable plastic. The screening agent used is safe mineral zinc oxide and no oxybenzone, octinoxate, or other chemically active sunscreening agents are included. The sunscreen can be used by the whole family wherever you happen to be and has been recommended by the Today show, and numerous other organisations who have tested the formula.

Safe, gentle and moisturising, this sunscreen is kind to both skin and the environment and boasts a pleasing yet subtle aroma of chamomile and calendula.


  • 100% Certified organic base
  • Broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection
  • Moisturising formula
  • Suitable for babies
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Water resistant for up to 40 minutes
  • Biodegradable

Directions for Use

  • Knead the tube before dispensing the sunscreen
  • Apply liberally to all exposed skin 15 minutes before sun exposure
  • Rub in to reduce whitening
  • Seek advice from a doctor before applying to children under 6 months old
  • Reapply after 40 minutes of swimming or sweating
  • Reapply at least every two hours
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SPF Protection
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Paraben Free
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Cruelty Free
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