Badger Cuticle Care 21g

Brand: Badger

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Strengthens your nail beds and promotes healthier nail growth

It’s important to keep your cuticles in the best possible condition and you can do exactly that with Badger Cuticle Care! An organic balm enriched with fragrant rosemary, it increases circulation at the nail bed to encourage healthier nail growth.

Shea butter, castor oil, seabuckthorn and olive oil are included in the formula to soothe dry and irritated cuticles to ensure that your nails feel as good as they look. You will be protected from splitting cuticles and you will adore the uplifting aroma of geranium, mandarin, lemongrass and ginger. You can expect stronger and more beautiful nails which are easier to manage. Better still, the handy tin is highly portable and so you will never have to survive without your cuticle care wherever you happen to be.


  • Organic formula
  • Encourages healthier nail growth
  • Soothes the cuticles
  • Enriched with rosemary, shea butter and olive oil

Directions for Use

  • Lightly rub your fingertips over the balm
  • Apply balm directly to your cuticles
  • For more intensive treatment, apply liberally and cover your hands with cotton gloves overnight
  • Use regularly for the best results
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