BeautyBLVD Glitter Lips

Brand: BeautyBLVD

RRP: £12.50
(You save £3.85 )

Take lip colour to a whole new level!

With multiple colours to choose from, BeautyBLVD Glitter Lips ensures that you have matching lip colour for that party and sparkly dress.

Long-lasting, durable and with a dazzling shine Glitter Lips has it all with a kit contaning Glitter Lips Gloss Bond, a cosmetic glitter shade and an applicator brush.

How to Use

  • Ensure lips are dry and clean.
  • Keeping lips parted, apply the gloss. Allow gloss to turn clear and apply to one lip at a time.
  • Generously apply glitter to lips using the applicator pad, ensuring an even coverage. Lightly dampen pad to help lift glitter.
  • Dust off any excess.
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