blinc Brow & Liner Duo Brush

Brand: blinc

RRP: £24.60
(You save £1.10 )

A high quality dual brush for flawless eye lining and perfect brows

Have you ever wondered how professional makeup artists achieve such impressive precision and spectacular results? The quality of their brushes is often the secret to their success. You can achieve incredible effects with the right brushes and the blinc professional quality Brow and Liner Duo Brush is a fabulous choice.

Featuring both a flat, angled brush and a spiral brush, this fine accessory enables you to shape and define your brows with ease and to apply both liquid and shadow eyeliners with great accuracy. The flat, angled brush is fashioned from firm synthetic fibres which are sculpted to a fine tip and to the right angle for precision application. You can then distribute colour evenly and also brush with the spiral end to create perfectly shaped and sculpted brows. The wooden handle with metal ferrules is beautifully balanced to provide the exceptional control that you need when working on fine details.

Created with the best-selling blinc Eyebrow Mousse in mind, this outstanding brush helps you to achieve an incredible look – a look that will raise a few eyebrows!


  • Fine, angled brush for precise application
  • Spiral brush for blending and shaping
  • Professional quality
  • For defining brows and applying eye liner
  • Perfectly balanced for exceptional control

How to Use

  • Use the angled brush to apply eye liner or to fill in brows
  • Use the spiral brush to distribute colour and shape brows
  • Apply colour to brows in short brush strokes working in the direction of hair growth
  • Brush upwards and outwards to distribute excess colour
  • Apply eye liner using longer strokes and then blend gently if required
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