blinc Contour Shadow Brush

Brand: blinc

RRP: £22.50
(You save £2.51 )

A high quality brush for applying shadow to the creases of your lids with precision

Professional looking effects are just a few brush strokes away with this high quality accessory. The blinc Contour Shadow Brush helps you to create dazzling eyes with ease and to blend shadows and liners for a wonderfully smoky look.

This impressive brush has been carefully designed to enable you to achieve the best possible results with your eyeshadows. The dense synthetic fibres deliver even coverage whilst the dome shape of the brush ensures that you can work with great precision when applying shadow to the creases of your lids.

A steady hand is essential when you are working on your eyes and this fine brush is perfectly balanced with its wooden shaft and metal ferrule. When you need accuracy partnered with outstanding control, blinc’s incredible Contour Brush delivers every time.


  • Enables precise application of eyeshadow to the creases of lids
  • Blends shadows and liners
  • Features dense fibres for even coverage
  • Brush is dome-shaped for accuracy
  • Balanced handle for enhanced control

How to Use

  • Dab the brush gently into your eyeshadow
  • Apply to the creases of the eye using smooth strokes
  • Brush over shadow and liner for seamless blending
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