blinc Micro Trimmer

Brand: blinc

RRP: £20.40
(You save £1.21 )

Beautiful brow trimmer

This tiny trimmer will make sure your eyebrows are constantly ready to be photographed. The blinc micro trimmer will discard all those unsightly hairs harmlessly, easily and quickly, where ever you might be. With the ability to trim and shape your eyebrows with exceptional precision, everyone will be asking you where you got your eyebrows done.

With a custom dual-sided adapter included as well, you are able to trim your eyebrows at two different lengths – perfect for any eyebrow occasion. Ideal to use at home, on the go or just when you need a quick tidy up.


  • Salon quality eyebrows
  • Compact design fits into any bag for those eyebrow emergencies
  • Inexpensive in comparison to other methods of hair removal
  • Less painful than plucking
  • Typically hair grows back thinner
  • Requires 1 x AAA batteries

Directions for Use

Whilst using the adapter:

  • Turn off device
  • Slide the adapter onto the trimmer head
  • Slide button up to turn the trimmer on
  • Trim against the natural growing trend
  • Slowly, move the blade from the tip of your eyebrow to the opposite end
  • Photograph ready brows

Not using the adapter:

  • Gently trim using short, controlled strokes for stray or unwanted hair
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