blinc Pencil Sharpener

Brand: blinc

RRP: £8.60
(You save £1.61 )

A double-barrelled accessory to keep lip and eye pencils beautifully sharp

It is impossible to achieve those beautiful lines which define your eyes and lips without a suitably sharpened pencil. Both lip and eye pencils must be kept sharp and ready for action if they are to serve you well. You will always be good to go when you have the blinc Pencil Sharpener in your makeup bag.

This handy sharpener perfectly fuses funky styling and practical features. The picture of contemporary cool, the sharpener includes two barrels of different sizes so all of your pencils, large and small, will easily fit. It functions efficiently to create sharp and perfectly shaped pencils which enable you to work with greater precision around your eyes and lips.  Better still, there’s no mess as a plastic cap catches your shavings and a cleaning stick is included to help you remove excess product from the blade. blinc have thought of everything!

Don’t leave home without your blinc sharpener as you never know when you will need to revitalise your look.



  • Small barrel for regular pencils
  • Second barrel for larger pencils
  • Catches shavings
  • Cleaning tool included
  • Achieves sharp and perfectly shaped pencils

How to Use

  • Place pencil in barrel and twist repeatedly until sharp
  • Remove plastic cap to dispose of shavings
  • Clean blade using included tool to remove product residue
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