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How to Convert to an All Natural Beauty Regime

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'Natural Beauty’ has been somewhat of a buzzword as of late, with many bloggers, journalists and editors writing about their love for an all natural approach to skin care and makeup. While this approach does seem to be a current trend, there are so many benefits to taking an all natural approach to your beauty regime. It’s a trend that is likely to stay put and become the norm, so how do you start to convert your current regime to an all natural one? Read on to find out…

Step by Step

As with anything else when we decide we want to make changes to our lifestyle it can be easy to want to jump in head first. When it comes to a natural beauty regime, it’s a good idea to start slowly, rather than opting to replace all of your products right away. While natural skin loving ingredients are far more beneficial to the skin than artificial chemicals, they might be new to the skin, and so it’s important to introduce new products slowly to see how your skin responds.

Start by replacing a simple product such as your cleanser, and over 4-6 weeks replace the rest of your products. This way if your skin disagrees with anything you will be able to identify what’s causing the problem, and by introducing new products slowly you will give you skin a chance to get used to new ingredients and settle into your new regime.

Choose a Trusted Brand

When it comes to an all natural approach, it is important to find a brand that works for you. Because ‘all natural’ is a current trend, it is important to read packaging and information about each brand you consider properly, as some may use similar claims to cash in on the trend, when in reality their approach is far from natural.

Natural Hand cream

When you’re taking the time to change your skincare regime it is important to spend that little bit extra time researching to ensure the products you are using really do follow an all natural approach.

One of our favourite brands is Dr. Hauschka, who make 100% natural skincare products. A great product to introduce as one of your first all natural steps is the Dr. Hauschka Soothing Cleansing Milk, which is ideal for sensitive skin, working to remove makeup, dirt and oil from the skin.

Ready to start working towards an all natural skincare regime? Browse our Dr. Hauschka collection here.

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