16 ways to beat wrinkles

Posted by Rachael Phillips on 12th Jun 2014

We all have to realise that ageing is a natural process and regardless of whether we want it to happen or not, it’s going to happen. 

However, just because it’s an inevitable part of life, it doesn’t mean that we can’t do our best to try and delay it a bit.

Here are 16 simple tips on holding back the years (and the wrinkles).

  1. Quit smoking. You know that you need to do this, not just for your skin but for your general health. If you’re going to look 20 years younger you may as well feel it too.
  2. Always apply sun protection - even if it’s overcast. Sun cream really is the best moisturiser you can buy.
  3. Drink loads of water.
  4. Pick your skin care products well, try to find products that contain antioxidants and essential vitamins.
  5. Get in to a routine with your skincare.
  6. Take up some form of activity that will bust stress such as yoga, pilates or meditation.
  7. Cut back on the booze. You may like your tipple of wine but is it doing you any good?
  8. Eat well. Make sure that you have your quota of fruit and veggies. Good skin starts in the kitchen!
  9. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Try to make it quality sleep too by turning off all electronic devices at least an hour before you go to bed.
  10. Ensure you’re getting your intake of essential fatty acids and omega-3 - which are essential for good skin. Fish, nuts and seeds are a good source.
  11. Start using eye cream.
  12. Once a week treat yourself to a facial scrub to get rid of all the dead skin.
  13. Invest in some good quality jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is similar to our own natural oils so dabbing this on your face will hydrate and give it a boost.
  14. Are you getting enough vitamin C?
  15. Start your skincare routine as early as you can. After all, prevention is most definitely better than cure.
  16. Try some facial exercises. You can do this whilst you watch the TV!

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