5 Tips for Radiant Skin this Autumn

5 Tips for Radiant Skin this Autumn

Posted by Treat Your Skin on 9th Oct 2018

As we look to the change of seasons, we embrace all that fall has to offer, including all those chillier mornings and cosier evenings. We start to notice the tree colours fade and the once radiant green leaves now start to look ever so slightly crinkled and jaded after being dehydrated by the long summer.

Unfortunately, our skin can look similar. Over exposure from sun rays can have drying and damaging effects on our skin. Plus, the sudden shifts of moving from the cold air outside to the warm central heating inside means that our skin can start crying out for help. Therefore what better time than autumn to give your skincare regime that extra needed boost.

Here are some treat your skin top tips on how you can improve your regime and gain back that radiance:

1) Feed your skin!

Try omega rich foods as these fight inflammations and help support your skin's structure, reducing the appearance of fine lines. Foods such as salmon, avocado and eggs are great for providing those skin-enriching omegas into the diet- and what’s better than starting the day with a breakfast including all three?

2) Ditch the bronzer, use a skin oil.

New from Skin Doctors, Age-defying Power Oil combines 15 oils, chosen especially for their properties rich in essential fatty acids (omegas 3, 6 and 9), key vitamins (A, C ,D and E) and antioxidants. These oils work together, boosting radiance and promoting more supple and youthful looking skin. So if you feel yourself wanting to reach for the bronzer to enhance your glow this autumn/winter, you should try this first! The benefits don’t stop there; this oil also works to accelerate the effects of all skincare treatments used after it. The oils work to break down decongested skin, penetrating deep into the layers opening up pathways so that any skincare treatment works faster and more effectively.

3) Water

Drinking 8 glasses of water (approx. 2 litres) a day can keep skin hydrated during the colder months. If it’s too tempting to reach for that cup of warming tea and hot chocolate by the fire, try having hot water with lemon and ginger or a herbal tea.

4) Stick to a warm, not hot shower.

Steam and heat can strip the skin's beneficial natural oils. When showers are too hot, blood vessels respond by dilating in an effort to cool the skin, causing flushing and redness. Turn down the heat tomorrow morning and notice the difference in your skin.

5) The 3 C’s: Clean, Cleanse, Clarity.

Did you know that over half of women depend on wearing make-up every day and over 72% don’t wash their make-up brushes! This can clog skin and take away our natural shine. Make sure you clean your brushes with a brush shampoo at least twice a week. You must also cleanse your face once in the morning and once at night before bed. You will then have clarity that your pores will be allowed to breathe and produce the required oils to boost radiance.

Radiant Autumn Skin Tips
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