7 Beauty Hacks You Need To Know

Posted by Rachael Phillips on 21st May 2014

We’ve blogged about making life easier in the beauty stakes before but now we’ve done the research and want to share with you 7 beauty hacks that will change your life!

Make Your Own Dry Shampoo - If you’ve run out of dry shampoo but you need to revitalise your greasy locks fast - then don’t worry. If you’ve any talcum powder to hand, just squeeze a little out, tip your head upside down and work through your hair.

Want to quickly rid yourself of a shiny face? Well reach for your hand sanitiser. There’s an ingredient in there called dimethicone which is a type of silcone. What that does is acts as a primer and smoothes the skin.

Got a spot? Put down the paper bag and head for the fridge. Dab some FULL FAT Greek yogurt on the zit and leave it dry (around 5 minutes or so). Then rinse with warm water. It reduces the redness and the swelling. It works because the lactic acid helps unblock the pores and gets rid of the dead skin whilst the fat moisturises.

Dandruff? Crush two aspirin and add them to your shampoo. The aspirin will get rid of the product build up and remove dead skin cells.

Give oil pulling a whirl. You may have heard of this (especially since coconut oil is the next big thing) but oil pulling is an Ayurvedic ritual that can really transform your health (and your pearly whites). Just swish a teaspoon of coconut oil around your mouth every morning and you’ll find that your teeth are whiter and it’ll get rid of any nasty cavities.

Want to get rid of puffy eyes? Late nights and partying can result in puffy eyes but by placing some tea bags over the eyelids for just 10 minutes you’ll be rid of them in no time.

The best place to apply perfume. If you think that your wrists and neck are the best place for your to wear your scent then think again. For a long lasting smell apply your perfume: behind your ear, inside your elbow or behind your knees. 

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