7 Tips For Healthy Skin

Posted by Rachael Phillips on 30th Apr 2014

Everyone wants healthy skin. In fact, it’s a life long struggle for most.

However, it’s not just the products that you use that help you keep young healthy skin, its also the outside factors such as your lifestyle, pollution and stress levels that can have an effect.

Here are some top tips to keeping your skin looking healthy and glowing…

Drink Water. 

Water is the best treatment for most things. Because it’s an alkaline with a PH level of 7.3 it makes it particularly great for skin. Making sure that you have your daily quota of water will stop your skin drying out and keep you in good overall shape.

It’s not just regular water that’s good for your skin either. 

Pick up some coconut water! Coconut water will make your skin look younger because it helps cleanse any toxins you have running around your system. Coconut water is also better at replacing fluids than regular water so it’s win, win.

Good skin starts in the kitchen. 

Consider what you’re eating. It’s not just a case of staying away from junk food but also sussing out whether you’ve got any food allergies. Some food stuff can cause an allergic reaction which can show as dry, rashy skin. Try to stick to a diet of lean protein and dark, leafy vegetables for optimum skin results.


Exfoliating your skin is a great way to achieve gorgeous skin, fast. Invest in a great exfoliant and try to do it once or twice a week. It’ll remove the dead skin and let new skin breathe.

Get in to a skin care routine.

When it comes to looking after your skin its essential that you add it in as part of your daily routine. Cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin every day for the best results. Also invest in some good hand, eye and neck cream to apply before you get in to bed. It may seem like a faff now but your skin will thank you for it in the long run.


Sorry but its time to get yourself down the gym or out for a run. Exercise will help regulate oxygen around your body and give you that healthy glow that most people just dream of.

Get to bed on time.

Late nights and early mornings eventually take their toll - especially as you get older. It’s not called beauty sleep for nothing! Being overtired and feeling stressed will result in oily skin due to the adrenal androgens that are released by the adrenal cortex.

Whilst having using some good quality products does help, looking after yourself is the fast track to beautiful, youthful skin.

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Image - Phytomer Purifying Gommage Exfoliant £21.50

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