7 Winter Skincare Tips to Survive the Cold Seasons

Posted by Treat Your Skin on 10th Oct 2016

Facing the cold and windy elements of winter is something we all have to deal with. Combine that with intense indoor heating blasting your skin and any remaining hydration will be zapped away.

Before it’s too late and we’re deep in the throngs of the winter weather, here is our guide to taking care of your skin, which will leave you with a healthy and glowing appearance.

1. Moisturise to the Max

When the wintry elements drain your skin of all its moisture, it is vital that you replenish the moisture lost. This means upping the number of times a day you moisturise, including your face and hands, and using a heavier product that can intensely rehydrate cells.

2. Slap on the Sunscreen

Lathering on the sun cream isn’t just part of your summer beauty regime: winter sun can be just as damaging as the ultraviolet rays you soak up in the summer months. To keep your skin protected, incorporate a sunscreen into your routine, especially for skin that will be exposed to the elements. When it comes to your face, lots of products are available that include SPF protection, which means you don’t even need to think about this.

3. Drink Up

In the winter you need to ensure that you’re hydrated from both the outside and the inside. That means filling up on lots of fluids such as water and green tea throughout the day to maintain hydration. This should help to reduce a dull complexion and improve the appearance of dry, flaking skin.

4. Take Care of Yourself with a Healthy Lifestyle

As with hydration, what you use to fuel and feed your body will have a huge impact on the health and appearance of your skin. Ensure you maintain a healthy and varied diet with lots of nutrient-rich fruit and vegetables, especially foods like broccoli that are high in vitamin C and natural Estrogen. Also make sure you try and keep up with regular exercise to get your blood circulating around the body.

5. Limit Hot Showers

After a long, cold and wet day, jumping into a super hot shower or bath sounds like the perfect antidote, but make sure you limit the number of these you take. Warm water is great for skin, but extremely hot showers and baths can actually dry out your skin rather than soothing and hydrating it. To avoid stripping the moisture from your cells, limit your showers to no more than 10 minutes a day in the winter months.

6. Switch up Your Products

Your usual arsenal of products that you stocked up on in the summer are great for hot, sunny months but they will often not be up to the task of keeping your skin healthy, bright and glowing in the winter. It’s time to switch to those that concentrate on replenishing moisture and swapping your face peels for a gentle exfoliator. Anything that contains honey, milk or salicylic acid is a great place to start.

7. Get Cosy

Treat yourself to a few new pairs of super soft pyjamas and bedding that is woven with natural fabrics that will be soft and comfortable for your skin. Avoid fabrics that are a blend of cottons and synthetic fabrics because this will just irritate your already-sensitive skin.

As the days are getting colder and darker, it’s time to start incorporating these beauty tips into your routine to maintain your skin health and give you a beautiful dewy and glowing appearance.  

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