Advice For When Hayfever Attacks…

Posted by Rachael Phillips on 30th May 2014

As much as we love summer here at Treat Your Skin, we also dread the attack of allergies. You know what it’s like, you wake up, the sun is shining and you’re ready to take on the day. Then BOOM, just as the front door closes behind you, you get your first pollen hit. Bring on the watery eyes, the runny nose and the feeling of fuzz that reaches your brain. Not a good look.

But, never fear, we have some beauty tips that will help you stay looking good all through summer…

Go bare. Think about savvy solutions that will save you from having to wear a full face of make up. Things like dying your eyelashes instead of wearing mascara and using a tinted moisturiser instead of foundation can all help.

Battle red, dry skin. If you suffer from hay fever then you’re probably keeping tissue companies in business this summer. But too much wiping and blowing your nose can cause red, dry skin so make sure that you buy tissues with added balm on them so they’re softer on your nose. Also make sure you use a decent, light moisturiser so you can keep the skin hydrated.

Rid yourself of a puffy face. Granted this tip is for the super brave amongst us - stick a wet flannel in the freezer for a couple of minutes (remove before it starts to stiffen up) and then lay down with it on your face for 5 - 10 minutes.

Stick to what you know. You’re already going to be suffering from red, itchy skin so don’t use this time to experiment with your skin care routine. Instead stick to what you know to avoid any further irritations.

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