​Amazing Beauty Hacks

Posted by Rachael Phillips on 11th Jul 2014

If you want fast, fuss free ways to stay gorgeous then you often don’t need to look further than items in your own home. We’ve compiled five of the best ingredients out there to keep you looking beautiful…


Without a doubt, vaseline is probably one of the most essential items that you should have in your beauty arsenal. There are countless things that you can do with it but here are just a few…

  • Use it to remove your eye make up: Pop some vaseline on your finger and just rub it around the eye area until the make up comes off completely.
  • Fix Make Up Mistakes: Just dab a thin layer of vaseline on to a cotton bud and dab it on the area where you’ve made the mistake.
  • Use it to replace lip-gloss
  • Use it to rub on split ends in between cuts
  • Mix it with a tiny bit of lipstick to create a cream blusher
  • Want to avoid lipstick stains on your teeth when you’re wearing vibrant lippy? The rub over your teeth before application.
  • Rub a dab on to where you usually apply your perfume: then spray your perfume and it’ll make the smell last longer.
  • Use it as a moisturiser. It’s great to rub in to cracked heels and dry elbows.

Apple Cider Vinegar

If you’re interested in healthy living then you’ll know that Apple Cider Vinegar is a staple of many health obsessed cupboards. But it’s also great for your beauty regime too…

  • Rinse your hair with it: It removes shampoo build-up.
  • Tangled hair? ACV is a great detangled and gets rid of knots.
  • Get rid of warts and skin tags: Just dab on the area for a week and you’ll see them disappear.
  • Use it as a skin toner

Coconut Oil

Coconut isn’t just for your kitchen.

  • Use coconut oil instead of shaving gel. Your legs will never have been silkier.
  • Strengthen your nails and cuticles - just rub the coconut oil in.
  • Rub it on eczema to soothe outbreaks.
  • Use it as a natural deodorant.

Lemons (and other acidic fruits)

Get juicy! The natural acids in many fruits makes them great for the beauty regime.

  • Half a lemon and rub it on your elbows to get rid of discoulouration.
  • Use a lemon in place of a toner - this will lighten any age spots you may have.
  • Mix 1 part lemon juice with 1 part water and spritz it on your hair for natural highlights.
  • Acne? Eat your apple a day as the pectin in the apple gets rid of acne.
  • Mash a strawberry and add 1tsp of baking powder to naturally whiten teeth. Rub it on, leave 20 minutes and then rinse.


Eggs are good for you right? High in protein and a great boost to your day. Here are a few alternative uses…

  • Use egg whites under your eyes to reduce puffiness and get rid of bags.
  • Combat oily skin by using an egg white as a face mask.
  • Crack an egg and rub it in to your hair as a DIY mask. This is great for damaged hair, leave it on for around 10 minutes and then rinse and wash as usual.

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