Are you HOT or NOT?

Posted by Rachael Phillips on 27th May 2014

Have you heard of this simple test that will help you find out whether you’re actually hot - or not.

Now we know that this is a load of nonsense and ALL of our Treat Your Skin followers are gorgeous but since it’s Tuesday and we’re all coming down from the bank holiday weekend we wanted to share.

Now social media is full of evidence about our narcissistic tendencies, there’s been hot or not, thigh gaps and now… The "Beauty and Ugliness Identification Method” also known as the “finger trap test”.

Now you maybe sat at home, unshowered, in your favourite pjs but according to this test - you could still be beautiful (like you are to us). All you have to do is place your index finger against your nose and chin and see whether your lips touch. If they do - you’re beautiful, if they don’t well, you’re not.

The craze started on China’s alternative to Facebook - Weibo and has shown up over 200,000 times so people seem to be taking it pretty seriously. But we think it can stay there.

Apparently, David Beckham doesn’t pass the finger test so if he doesn’t then we don’t know what beautiful really means. 

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