Boost Your Beauty Regime When You’re In A Hurry

Posted by Rachael Phillips on 16th Apr 2014

We are ALL so busy these days and the last thing we want to do is waste hours in the bathroom perfecting our beauty regimes.

But with a bit of savvy planning here are a few tips to boost your beauty regime when you’re in a hurry…

Quit shampooing…you really don’t have to shampoo EVERY DAY. Before you rush to close down this post so you don't have to read anymore - STOP. We've not gone crazy, all you need to do a fake a wash by using a great dry shampoo. Using dry shampoo will not only save you valuable time by meaning you can skip your wash and blow dry but it will also give added texture to your hair.

Bright eyes…SLEEP! If that seems a bit of a distant word to you but you still want to achieve that bright eyed look then ditch your usual powder eye shadow. Instead dab a little rose lip balm on your eyelids. Apply the blam by using a thin eye shadow brush across the lid from the upper eye line to halfway to the crease. If you get any on your eyelashes then do make sure that you blot before you apply your mascara or things could get messy!

Talking of eyes…if you wake up with bags and you want to depuff then chill a spoon in the freezer for five minutes. Once chilled press the back of the spoon under your eyes - it works in a minute and you’ll look like you’ve had hours of sleep even if you’ve only managed a few hours.

Don’t forget to remove your make up…if you’ve had a hectic day then the last thing you want to do is faff about before you hit the sack. So make sure that you always have a pack of make up removal wipes by the side of the bed. It’ll make sure you get in to a routine of removing any make up that will clog up those pores and will leave skin soft and smooth.

Want your lashes to curl easier? You just need to give your eyelash curler a quick blast with the hair dryer. Warming your eyelash curler up will make your lashes curl with ease as well as keeping them curled for longer. Just be careful that you don’t heat the curler up too much as you don’t want to burn your eyelids!

Whilst we’re on the subject of eyelashes…in between coats of mascara dust a spot of translucent powder on your lashes. It’ll result in fuller lashes that last all day.

Use products twice…If you’re in a real hurry then you don’t want to waste time rummaging around your makeup bag. By using one product for multiple areas then you’re speeding up that morning routine to enable you to get out of the house faster. 

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