Christmas Party Looks to Impress this Festive Season

Posted by Treat Your Skin on 30th Nov 2016

Christmas party looks to impress

When it comes to the festive season, there is normally one thing on our minds that tops the talk of turkey and reindeer… and that’s Christmas parties!

Whether it’s the jovial annual office celebrations, a festive family get-together or you’re looking to party into 2017 in sheer jaw-dropping style, we have a host of Christmas party looks to impress and get heads turning this festive season.

With our Christmas parties cemented in our diaries, we offer you a host of advice to enjoy your seasonal celebrations to the absolute maximum.

From smoky eyes to dazzle, perfecting the perfect pout and top tips for nails and flawless skin, unwrap our festive party survival pack and reap all the benefits of standing out in the crowd this Christmas.

You can thank us later!

Christmas Party Looks to Steal the Show

Smouldering and Smoky

It’s Christmas party time – cue smoky eyes! This is one for the ‘timeless Christmas party looks’ category. It is classic and glamorous for a reason. It’s not only striking but also so sophisticated you will have that significant other jumping through hoops to impress you.

Follow these simple steps to create your timeless smoky-eye make-up look:

  • Set with primer over your lids and under your eyes so your make-up isn’t dancing more than you are!
  • Apply concealer and powder on your under-eye area.
  • Curl your lashes for five seconds before releasing.
  • Unleash the dark shadow – blend this from your lashes to crease and use a smaller, angled brush to drag the shadow along your lower lash lines.
  • Pick your smoky shade – this doesn’t always have to be black; shimmery brown, plum, grey, navy or even green can have a striking ‘wow’ effect.
  • Enjoy smudging – use a smudge brush to lightly smudge the shadow along the bottom lashes and crease.
  • Define your eye with a black eyeliner dragged along the top and bottom lash lines; if you’re feeling adventurous, you can also line your inner bottom lash line by gently pulling the under-eye skin downwards.
  • Blend with a shimmery highlighter along your brow bone and your eye’s inner corners.
  • Complete the look with hot lashes using fibre-infused mascara to create a dramatic effect.

The Perfect Pout

Are you selfie-ready? Whether you are looking to smoulder in group shots, stand out in a photo booth snap or just take the perfect selfie, lip care is crucial.

Whether you are a sucker for a lip balm, butter or gloss or prefer classic lipstick, keeping those lips striking and kissable is key.

Staying hydrated will work wonders for your lips, as will avoiding licking your lips, which can cause damage to their protective barrier and lead to dryness. Keeping your lips exfoliated when needed and also making sure you treat common lip problems pronto will help plump your pout.

Luscious lips are one of the Christmas party looks not to be missed. Find your lips’ perfect match today and prepare to  show off the perfect pout.


Nothing aces a Christmas party more than whipping out those pins and enjoying a boogie! If your legs have spent the last few months safely hidden away under warm tights, never fear.

Don’t be afraid to get your legs out this Christmas and show off your flawless pins complete with a hint of colour using self-tanning.

The key to successful self-tanning is preparation, so regularly keeping your skin in good condition will help hugely. Your faux glow will look flawless if you moisturise your legs every day, particularly after having a shower or before you hit the hay.

Self-tanning will not only look great with your party dress, but can also instantly give you a little confidence boost (perfect for approaching certain colleagues in unfamiliar social situations!)

And don’t forget: a vital part of self-tan preparation is to eat your greens. Foods such as kale, avocado and spinach are rich in L-lysine, which works wonders in helping your tan develop, so don’t be afraid to go crazy in the vegetable aisle!

Keeping yourself hydrated also improves your skin and helps create a balanced base for tanning, adding to your flawless tan finish.

Check out our  eight easy self-tanning hacks for more information on steps to nail a perfect tan that will turn heads.


Nail biter? Do not fret! Christmas is just under five weeks away, and there is still time to see your nails grow and show off your gorgeous hands and nails as you slowly reach for that glass of bubbly or strategically for those canapés.

If you need a helping hand, protein-enriched oils contained in  nail growth products can stimulate the growth of slow-growing nails, so you have time to tackle your nails and build them up before you hit the dance floor.

Products such as nail regenerator serum and  nail hardener can work wonders to build up weak and splitting nails.

Heroic Hairdos

Christmas party time can have us all in a bit of a dilemma. Do we go up do or free, floaty and let our hair down?

Whether you opt for a sophisticated up do or for bouncy curls, what you need is the right arsenal of hair weaponry to create your perfect look.

From curlers to straighteners, hair treatments to hairdryers, ensure you have the best products to rock a heroic hairdo.

Click here to find out how we can help you create this.

Flawless Skin

We all want flawless skin, and that goes for every month of the year, not just Christmas. But if you are looking to dazzle during this year’s party and beyond, it is important to look after your skin to achieve that flawless look.

A combination of plenty of sleep, relaxation and regular moisturising are just some key secrets to achieving flawless skin. Moisturising helps to maintain the water content and strengthens your skin.

Ensure you regularly use skincare products such as  moisturisers and anti-ageing cream if these are needed. This will help you look radiant and dazzle when it comes to party time!

Time to Get Ready!

So, there you have it. A selection of Christmas party looks to impress; all that it left is for you to slip into your slinky party dress and dance the night away!

Enjoy rocking this festive season with our handy Christmas survival pack, and watch heads turn!

Obviously, there is limited space in our survival pack stocking, but head over to TreatYourSkin for a host of products and tips to help you look flawless throughout this festive season.

Happy Christmas!

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