How to get smooth legs…

Posted by Rachael Phillips on 29th May 2014

So the weather outside may not be the best but we live in hope that warmer days are coming. And that means one thing - it’s time to get your legs out of winter hibernation.

Now, we can all remember the first time we shaved our legs and that dreaded fear that our hair would come back thicker and darker. Thankfully, that myth quickly got dispelled but have you mastered the art of smooth, silky legs yet?

Here are our tips for achieving legs that are summer ready in a flash…

  1. Soak your skin before hand. Never hop in the shower and just start shaving. You’ve got to let your pores open and allow the hair to soften. We recommend waiting until the end of your shower before attempting to shave.
  2. Always use warm water. Note warm not HOT. If the temperature is too high then you’re going to find that your skin dries out - and dry skin isn’t the perfect match for your summer dresses.
  3. EXFOLIATE. We tell you to exfoliate ALL. THE. TIME. But there’s a good reason for that. So many people fail to exfoliate and then wonder why they don’t have tip top skin. However, when it comes to shaving, there’s a very good (and kind of gross) reason why you need to go through the exfoliation routine; dead skin cells will simply clog up your razor. If you want the closest shave possible then you cannot afford to skip this step.
  4. Ditch soap for a good quality shaving gel or foam. Foam/Gel help create a good lather and unlike soap doesn’t easily wash away, helping you keep track of the areas you’ve not yet shaved.
  5. Use good tools. Make sure that you use a good razor. There are plenty out there on the market but a good razor will help you avoid shaving rashes and any other breakouts.
  6. Start from the ankles. Always shave from the ankles up and don’t forget those pesky areas such as knees, behind your knees and your toes! 
  7. Invest in a good body oil for afterwards. Oil will give your legs that healthy sheen (without looking greasy). We suggest that you avoid using moisturisers as some of them include alcohol which will just irritate the skin.

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