​How to STOP biting your nails…

Posted by Rachael Phillips on 7th Aug 2014

If you’re a nail biter then one thing we can guarantee is that you don’t want to be! Let us guess, you’ve tried everything to stop it but you just can’t kick the habit. We’ve all been there. From biting when you’re stressed out to being a constant nail biter - one thing you can be sure of is that you’re not alone.

But, don’t worry, we are on hand to help you overcome your nail biting habit and help you achieve gorgeous, long nails in no time.

Here are just some tricks that can help you stop nail biting - for good!

Manicures: You may think that because you bite your nails there’s no point in having a manicure - well you’re wrong. Treat yourself at least once a month (if you can, once a week is best) because by having regular manicures you won’t want to bite them for fear of messing up that great work.

Gel Manicures: Gel manicures can help your nails grow and remain strong. 

Keep your nails short: If you cut your nails short then you’ll be less likely to have a nibble because there won’t be anything there for you to bite at.

Specialised nail polish: You can buy nail polish that will stop you from biting by leaving a nasty taste in your mouth. Unless of course you persevere and get used to the taste this should do the trick.

Realise why you’re biting: If you know what kind of biter you are then you can do something about it. If you bite when you’re stressed or anxious then its important to recognise these symptoms.

Find something else to do: Smokers who quit usually fail because they miss having something to do with their hands. Start doing something that will take your mind off it whether it’s journalling or taking up cross stitch, keeping your hands busy will make all the difference.

Fake it! Want long nails? Then use fake nails, it’ll help you experiment with your look as well as getting used to the feel of long nails.

Ultimately, you have to want to quit biting your nails and really put the effort in. Once you make the decision to do it then nothing can stop you.

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The image above is a great example of how to make short nails look fabulous. Courtesy of

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