The Ultimate Cleanse and Tone Routine

The Ultimate Cleanse and Tone Routine

Posted by Treat Your Skin on 16th Oct 2018

What is the importance of a good cleanse and tone routine?

Whether you have the clearest of skin or you suffer from an army of breakouts constantly, having a good skincare routine is essential for your skin's health. It all starts with the two of the most important steps, this is cleansing and toning. Although you can add additional skincare products to your daily regime, the ones you want to start with begin with a cleansing and toning product suited to your particular skin type.

Cleansing is the easiest and often the least expensive aspect of skincare and yet quite possibly the most important. Removing make-up, dirt, dead skin cells, pollutants and excess oils from your skin without stripping it, cleansing will improve your natural radiance and your skin’s health. To put it simply, the right formulas will also help you to wind back the clock!

Toning is an equally important second step towards better and more youthful skin as it removes any remaining impurities and dirt whilst restoring the correct pH balance. 

Put it this way, you probably clean your hair daily, so why not treat your skin with the same level of care? It's worth it! 

Which cleansers and toners are best suited for me?

For the best results, choose a cleanser and toner which are suited to your particular skin type. Tailored to your needs, the right product could make all the difference to your look and we have a wide variety of cleansers and toners for you to choose from, including anti-ageing cleansers and toners.

How often and when should I apply? 

You want to cleanse and tone as part of both your morning and evening routine daily. This is because your skin goes through a lot during the day, so to avoid a build up in dirt and pollutants on the skin ensure you are cleansing and toning twice a day for healthier and fresher skin. And remember, consistency is key! If you are strict with yourself and ensure you are on it everyday, your skin will definitely start thanking you!  

Should you cleanse and tone before or after using a face mask?

Always cleanse and tone before using any type of skin mask. Remember, the cleansing and toning stage should always be the first stages before applying any additional skincare products to the routine. Face masks will always be most effective when applied to skin which has been prepped correctly otherwise you are layering a face mask on skin which could have all sorts of dirt and impurities on it.

How should I properly cleanse and tone?

Stage 1: Wash face with WARM water to help loosen any dirt and impurities on the skin, you never want it too hot as this can actually have a negative effect and dehydrate the skin. This is particularly important to note if you have delicate skin as it could cause rashes and redness! 

Stage 2: Get cleansing! Apply a small amount to the hands and gently massage your cleanser into the face in a circular motion. Ensure full coverage, avoiding contact with the mouth and eye area, and rinse well with warm water and gently dry the skin with a soft, clean towel.

Stage 3: Now it's time to tone! Toning makes sure any remaining impurities are well and truly gone and helps keep in much needed moisture in the skin! Apply your toner to a cotton pad until damp. Gently press and smooth the cotton pad across the entire face and ensure all key areas are covered! 

And you are done! You can then follow with using your additional skincare products. We recommend using a moisturiser next, particularly if you suffer from dry skin, as this will provide an extra boost in hydration to the skin and help keep the skin protected and nourished for longer!

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