Top Father's Day Gift Ideas 2019

Top Father's Day Gift Ideas 2019

Posted by Treat Your Skin on 3rd Jun 2019

Wanting some fresh ideas on what to get Dad this Father's Day? We know what you are thinking, you can't go wrong with a new addition to his already treasured sock collection or perhaps his vast beer collection - but how about the priceless gift of healthy skin and hair?

Here are our hand-picked selection of gift ideas to put a smile on Dad's face this Father's Day.

1. American Crew 3 in 1 Tea Tree & Shave Gift Set

American Crew 3 in 1 Tea Tree & Shave Gift Set Product Image

The perfect choice if your Father travels a lot or is going on holiday, this American Crew Gift Set features three of their best selling travel friendly products to help up his grooming game:

  • 3 in 1 Tea Tree 100ml
  • Precision Shave Gel 50ml
  • All-In-One Face Balm SPF 15 50ml

2. BaByliss Pro V-Blade Precision Trimmer

BaByliss Pro V-Blade Precision Trimmer Product Image

Replace his old, worn facial trimmer with this high powered, long life motor Pro V-Blade Precision Trimmer from BaByliss. Including two cutting blades and two comb guides, the trimmer is designed for professional performance and easy handling with the high power cord or cordless option for complete convenience and control.

This BaByliss timmer is great for trimming stubble beards or tidying and maintaining a short beard. Even better, a 3 hour charge will last for 60 minutes worth of usage. Once he has got his hands on this salon grade trimmer, there will be no going back!

3. Redken Brews Beard & Skin Oil

Redken Brews Beard & Skin Oil 30ml Product Image

Save your Dad time by skipping steps in his grooming routine with this multitasking product from Redken. Containing 99% natural ingredients, this Beard and Skin Oil is designed to soften both the facial hair and the skin to ensure his beard looks at its best. Inspired by barbers, it really works and saves both time and money so it has to be well worth a go! 

4. BARBER PRO Skin Revival Kit

BARBER PRO Skin Revival Kit Product Image

Have a face mask and chill night in for two with the Skin Revival Kit from award winning British brand Barber Pro. Includes a collection of activated charcoal masks which refreshes the skin making it look clearer, brighter, and rehydrated. The four sheet masks included:

  • Gentlemens Rejuvenating Collagen Sheet Mask
  • Foaming Cleansing Mask with Activated Charcoal
  • Face Putty Peel-Off Mask with Activated Charcoal
  • Under Eye Mask with Activated Charcoal & Volcanic Ash

5. Jessica Gentlemen's Club Kit

Jessica Gentlemen's Club Kit Product Image

Everything the modern man needs for groomed hands and nails, this complete conditioning system is an amazing treat for Dad to complete his look. Designed to exfoliate and soften the skin and cuticles whilst strengthening and coating the nails. The products featured in this kit include: 

  • Scrub Away Hand & Nail Exfoliator 
  • Buff Cuticle Gel
  • Matte 4 Men Matte Conditioner & Treatment
  • Smooth Moves Hand Conditioner

6. label.m 3 Step Grooming Kit

label.m 3-Step Grooming Kit Product Image

Complete with a zipped wash bag to hold all of his essentials, this is the ultimate hair styling kit to achieve his desired styles with ease. Products included:

  • Scalp Purifying Shampoo 250ml
  • Grooming Cream 100ml
  • Deconstructor 50ml

7. Rumble59 Schmiere Pomade Medium 140ml

Rumble59 Schmiere Pomade Medium 140ml Product Image

Presented in a funky and retro tin, this one is for the Dad's who love creating those old school slick back looks. The perfect addition to his hair styling collection, this pomade offers a medium, flexible hold for normal to thick hair with added shine. 

8. label.m Cologne Hair & Body 75ml

label.m Label.Men Cologne Hair & Body 75ml Product Image

Buying fragrances for someone can be a risky task, even Dad! But this label.m Cologne for the Hair & Body provides the perfect final touch. This Cologne is presented in a luxurious glass bottle, encased in a metallic blue box.

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