Top Tips for Glowing Skin this Autumn

Top Tips for Glowing Skin this Autumn

Posted by Treat Your Skin on 4th Oct 2019

Autumn is an opportune time to review your skincare routine. With summer coming to an end, you may be dealing with dehydrated skin, some level of pigmentation and uneven skin texture as a result of sun exposure and excess sebum. In the run-up to the colder weather, one should aim to deep cleanse or renew skin, making it perfectly ready for heavier formulations to address dry, dehydrated skin concerns.

Most people think they should be limiting exfoliation during colder weather, but an increase in dryness causes an increase in potential dead skin cells that can make skin look lifeless and dull. While some may choose to continue with a physical exfoliator (such as Skin Doctors Exfoliating Crystals), a chemical exfoliant can help smooth skin while also providing skincare benefits. 

Some people may choose to include a daily toner (with glycolic acid for example) while some may choose a more active serum or cream-based treatment. Skin Doctors Gamma Hydroxy contains a perfectly balanced combination of glycolic, salicylic and lactic acid that helps to renew and reset you skin for the coming changes.

In order to maintain brightness and clarity, active day serums and products are still very important. Vitamin C can help tackle all traces of sun overindulgence (see Skin Doctors Potent Vit. C ampoules) while a light occlusive moisturiser like Skin Doctors Skinactive14 Day Cream can help address other issues such as dehydration and barrier protection. 

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