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Posted by Rachael Phillips on 2nd May 2014

I don’t know about you but my second dilemma (the first one is undoubtedly how many shoes should I take) when it comes to packing is what cosmetics and beauty products do I need to bring with me.

Especially if I’m confined to carry on luggage because of a) the space and b) the liquid restrictions. It’s surprising how much space things take up and then you’ve got to add extras like sunscreen, hair products and hair styling devices.

But fear not, Treat Your Skin has some great products that willl help you travel in style and not break any airport rules. Here are just a few of my favourite travel products…

1.  Elemis Tea Tree S.O.S. Spray 60ml

If there are mosquitos in a country I visit then you can bet your life that they seek me out immediately. However, this beautiful smelling Elemis Tea Tree S.O.S spray is an organic solution to help ease any bites (cuts or grazes). At 60ml this spray is perfect if you're restricted to cabin baggage. It's so brilliant for spraying on your feet after a long day sightseeing. 

2.  Jane Iredale Starter Travel Kits

This kit is perfect to meet all your make up needs. It comes with a great little travel case and inside you’ll find a bunch of Jane Iredale goodies including foundation, primer, a pure pressed base and a mirror. The base also provides foundation, concealer and sunscreen in one so no need to lug around separate products. 

3.  Trilogy Everything Balm 95ml

This is an absolute wonder product. The Trilogy Everything Balm essentially does what it says on the tin. You can use it for everything from dry skin, to moisturising, adding a bit of colour to your lips and it’s not full of nasty chemicals so will suit all skin - even great for kids!

4.  Korres Tropical Holidays Set 3 x 50ml

No matter where you’re going to can smell like the Caribbean by treating yourself to this great set which includes shower gel, body butter and body milk. All products are 50ml so again, great for your carry on luggage. 

5.  Dr. Hauschka Deo Fresh (Roll-On) 50ml

If you’re off to a hot country then make sure that you don’t forget to pack your deodorant. This deodorant is gentle on the skin and absorbs easily so not dreaded white marks on your clothes. It gives off a lovely sage and witch hazel scent and is unisex so if you’re off on hole with your partner then you can save space by just taking one deodorant. 

So how do you travel and take care of your cosmetic needs? Tell us!

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