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A show of hands

What do your hands really say about you? Unlike many areas of your body, your hands are almost always on display. They can be dead giveaways when others are judging your age and there is little point spending all that time perfecting your hair and make-up only for your scruffy nails to ruin your look! It makes sense to look after your hands and you are about to discover everything you need to achieve sensational skin and knock-out nails!

You only have one pair of hands!

Sun exposure, detergents and hard work can leave your hands feeling dry, rough and sore. Entrance stage left our fabulous hand creams to rescue your skin. Easily absorbed and deeply moisturising, the finest hand creams ensure that your skin is silky-soft, even when your hands have taken a serious battering. Mature skin regains its elasticity for a more youthful look and you will love the gorgeous aromas. Chose from outstanding brands such as Alpha-H, Patisserie de Bain, Badger and Dr. Hauschka plus more, our creams enable you to beautifully showcase your hands.

A polished performance

Stunning nails provide a fabulous finishing flourish for you look! Maybe you need to stop biting your nails first or perhaps your nails need strengthening? No Problem! Flawless nails are easy to achieve with the impressive Jessica and Mavala collections. When you have stopped nibbling, your nails are stronger and you have concealed any imperfections, you will discover the cuticle care, base coats and stunning colours you need for a truly polished finish.

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  • Mavala Extra Mild Nail Varnish Remover 100ml Pink Quick view


    Mavala Extra Mild Nail Varnish Remover 100ml Pink

    If you are looking for the soft and gentle touch in your nail varnish remover, then we have just the answer. Mavala Extra Mild Nail Varnish Remover 100ml that's completely Acetone Free, Specially formulated for delicate and fragile nails, this will...

    £7.99 £9.99
  • Mavala Full Discovery Set Quick view


    Mavala Full Discovery Set

    The ultimate nail care cut from Mavala contains all you need for pristine looking nails whilst maintaining them in top condition. After treating your nails finish your treatment with the Mavala Hand Cream for hydrating the skin of your hands...

    £26.99 £29.95
  • Mavala Gel Finish Top Coat 10ml Quick view


    Mavala Gel Finish Top Coat

    Mavala Gel Finish Top Coat is a clear fixator that is formulated to give your manicure extra-volume. smooothness and extra-gloss without damaging the natural nail, whilst replicating the look of a gel manicure.  This is the next generation top coat...

    As low as £7.60
  • Mavala Hand Cream Tube 50ml with Collagen Quick view


    Mavala Hand Cream Tube 50ml with Collagen

    The Mavala HandCream that moisturises and protects the skin Enriched with marine collagen and allantoin, these ingredients have been specially formulated for dry, damaged hands and sensitive skin. Please note: This product can only be delivered within...

    £13.49 £14.70
  • Mavala Revitalising Hand Milk 150ml Quick view


    Mavala Lait Revitalisant 150ml Hand Milk

    TreatYourSkin recommend Lait Revitalisant Hand Milk by Mavala. In order for active hands to stay supple and soft. They need protection which soothes and moisturizes. Revitalising Hand Milk contains active ingredients - aloe vera, hamamelis, allantoin...

    £18.49 £21.50
  • Mavala Lightening Nail Scrub Mask 15ml Quick view


    Mavala Lightening Nail Scrub Mask 15ml

    This unique Lightening Scrub Mask exfoliates any impurities from the nail and its contour, smoothes the nail plate whilst preserving its flexibility, softens cuticles and helps eliminate dead skin. Subtly lightens nails. How to use: Once or twice a...

    £12.79 £13.65
  • Mavala Manicure Bowl Quick view


    Mavala Manicure Bowl

    Soaking bowl for softening cuticles A highly useful accessory that you won’t want to be without, the Mavala Manicure Bowl was originally designed to help professional manicurists. Easy to open and to keep clean, the bowl is nail polish remover...

  • Mavala Manicure Pills Quick view


    Mavala Manicure Pills

    Water softening tablets for smoothing cuticles before manicuring Ideal for use with the Mavala Manicure Bowl, the Mavala Manicure Pills transform your tap water into a softening solution. Simply pop a pill into the water, wait for it to dissolve and...

  • Mavala Mava White 10ml Nail Whitener Quick view


    Mavala Mava White 10ml Nail Whitener

    Thanks to its specific pigments that react to UV light, Mavala Mava White gives yellow, discoloured, dull nails a natural and healthy colour once again. Give stained or discoloured nails a healthy appearance once again. Please note: This product can...

  • Mavala Mava+ Extreme Care for Hands 50ml Quick view


    Mavala Mava+ Extreme Care for Hands 50ml

    External factors such as the sun, cold, wind, use of solvents and detergents all have damaging effects on the hands which can result in hands becoming very dry and stressed. Mava+ is an intense repairing and moisturising treatment containing Camomile...

    £14.29 £15.70
  • Mavala Mava-Clear Purifying Gel 50ml Quick view


    Mavala Mava-Clear Purifying Gel 50ml

    Mava-clear purifying gel fights germs and bad odours on hands and also on surfaces. It is ideal for travel and leisure when soap and water are not available. Containing Essential Lemon oil, it also combats dryness and tones the hands, leaving them...

  • Mavala Mava-Flex Serum for Nails 10ml Quick view


    Mavala Mava-Flex Serum for Nails 10ml

    Mava-flex is a well-balanced concentrate serum which restores and maintains flexibility of very dry, very hard nails. It penetrates, moisturises and strengthens nails resulting in healthy, flexible, shiny and soft nails that do not break. Mava-flex key...

    £16.99 £19.00
  • Mavala Mava-Strong 10ml Quick view


    Mavala Mava-Strong

    Fortifying base for weakened nails Ideal for strengthening soft and splitting nails, Mavala Mava-Strong is a clear and odourless polish featuring an advanced complex of micro-encapsulated active ingredients. Your nails are constantly dehydrated by...

    As low as £7.85
  • Mavala Mavaderma 5ml Quick view


    Mavala Mavaderma 5ml

    Helps speed growth of nails It is principally blood that nourishes the roots and promotes growth. If you suffer from bad circulation, you may have noticed cold feet or cold hands and your nails probably grow very slowly. Even a ring that fits too...

    £6.49 £7.85
  • Mavala Mavadry 10ml Quick view


    Mavala Mavadry

    MAVADRY by Mavala dries nail polish in seconds and prevents flaking. Enhances nail colour and gives an incomparable shine. Please note: This product can only be delivered within the UK.

    As low as £7.50
  • Mavala Mavadry Spray 150ml Quick view


    Mavala Mavadry Spray 150ml

    This transparent spray makes polish dry faster, prevents smearing and gives a high lustre to nails. How to use: After final application of nail colour, wait a minute for it to set and then lightly spray on Mavadry on the entire nail surface. Hold...

  • Mavala Mavapen 4.5ml Quick view


    Mavala Mavapen 4.5ml

    Nutritive oil for cuticles Don't let unsightly cuticles spoil the apperance of your nails. Mavapen Cuticle Oil nourishes cuticles and helps curve a neat and perfect nail contour. With one application Mavapen will nourish the cuticle with a...

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