Carmex Classic Lip Balm Original Stick SPF 15 4.25g

Brand: Carmex


The original and best soothing lip balm in a handy stick

Carmex Classic Lip Balm has been soothing lips since 1937. Giving you all the protection and healing power of the iconic balm, this handy stick can travel everywhere with you so relief from chapped lips is always at your fingertips.


  • Protects lips whilst they heal
  • Softens and moisturises
  • Soothes your painful lips
  • Cocoa butter, camphor and menthol
  • Glides on and feels fabulous
  • Can be used as an undercoat and sealant for lipstick

Infused with moisturising cocoa butter to soften your lips, Carmex Classic soothes with cooling camphor and menthol to relieve the discomfort of cracked lips. This amazing balm forms a protective barrier that shields your lips from the elements to prevent further damage and to help them heal quickly. With SPF 15 built in, the balm is the perfect choice for every season and ensures that your lips are back to their beautiful best as quickly as possible and your smile will be more radiant than ever.

Use your Carmex Classic Lip Balm Original to protect your lips before they are damaged, to heal chapped lips and as a base for your lip colour. You will never want to be without it!


Directions for Use

  • Smooth onto chapped lips
  • Repeat as required
  • Apply to lips before your lipstick for soft lips and longer lasting colour
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SPF Protection
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Alcohol Free
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Cruelty Free
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