Comfort Zone Tranquillity Body Cream 180ml

Brand: Comfort Zone


A rich, nourishing, aromatic body cream that delivers a hydration and a sensation of comfort

The Comfort Zone Tranquillity Body Cream contributes in rendering the body skincare routine a true ritual of beauty and wellbeing.

The rich and precious texture fuses with the skin, bestowing silkiness, profound hydration and sensation of comfort. 


  • Silky, hydrated and compact skin.
  • Cosmetically supports the skin defenses.
  • Anti-stress sensation, alleviates the state of tension and induces relaxation and rest.
  • For all skin conditions
  • Ideal at the end of the day to calm and alleviate stress.

How to Use

  • Every day, after a bath or shower
  • Apply to the entire body and massage until completely absorbed
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