Comfort Zone Tranquillity™ Kit (Shower Cream 200ml, Body Lotion 200ml)

Brand: Comfort Zone


A bath and body care kit to promote a sensation of mind-body relaxation

The Comfort Zone Tranquillity™ Kit is a bath and body care package with aromatic essential oils promoting an immediate sensation of mind-body relaxation. The shower cream leaves the skin pleasantly scented and protects its natural hydration. The body lotion hydrates the skin, leaving it velvety and silky.


Shower Cream

  • Gentle cleanser
  • Skin smooth like silk, soft and pleasantly scented
  • Anti-stress sensation, alleviates the state of tension and induces relaxation and rest

Body Lotion

  • Express absorption texture, not oily or occlusive
  • Cosmetically supports the skin defenses.

How to Use:

Shower Cream

  • Every day, apply to the palms of your hands, emulsify with water and apply to the body with circular movements, or otherwise apply with a wet sponge
  • Rinse

Body Lotion

  • Every day, after a bath or shower
  • Apply to the entire body and massage until completely absorbed
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