Dapper Dan Beard Oil


£8.89 - £15.59

Blend of essential oils to soften your beard and skin

A few drops of this luxurious treatment could make all the difference to your beard! Dapper Dan Beard Oil features a deeply nourishing blend of essential oils which wonderfully soften your beard and skin. You will certainly love the indulgent vanilla and tonka bean fragrance. Did you know that pagans used tonka beans? They believed that they possessed magical properties and promoted personal fulfilment.

This formula will certainly work its magic on your beard and those beans imbue it with uplifting hints of cinnamon, saffron, almond and cloves. Better still, you can choose from 50ml in a funky barrel-style bottle or 15ml in a straight-sided bottle. Your facial hair has never had it so good!


  • Nourishing beard oil
  • Softens beard and skin
  • Vanilla and tonka bean fragrance

How to Use

  • Apply a few drops to your dry facial hair
  • Massage through your beard
  • Do not rinse
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