Davines A Single Shampoo 250ml

Brand: Davines


A gentle, eco-friendly shampoo which promotes elasticity and hydration in all hair types

A Single Shampoo is the symbol of Davines’ journey to do better and to be the best for the world, it’s the result of 4 years of research and 262 reformulations.

This is the brand's first 100% Carbon Neutral shampoo, 98.2% biodegradable formula and 95% natural origin ingredients.

A Single Shampoo is kind to the planet and your hair, offering a gentle cleansing and moisturising action in all hair types. Wonderful addition to your daily haircare routine.


  • 100% carbon neutral
  • 100% natural active ingredients
  • 100% natural scent
  • 98.2% biodegradable ingredients
  • 95% natural origin ingredients
  • Bio-based plastic
  • Packaging optimised for logistics
  • Offers a mild and gentle cleansing
  • Provides hydration with an elasticising action
  • Suitable for everyday usage on all hair types

How to Use

  • Apply on wet hair, massage gently and rinse
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