Davines Essential Haircare MELU Shampoo

£8.50 - £16.90

For cleansing and repairing long or damaged hair

Suitable for damaged or long hair, the Davines MELU Shampoo is an anti-breakage lustrous shampoo which is the perfect addition to your daily haircare routine. This shampoo works to gently cleanse damaged or long hair for soft and light results. Formulated with key active ingredients, this shampoo nourishes and repairs damaged hair whilst also boosting shine. Part of the MELU family, you can enjoy an energising floral and woody note scent.


  • Suitable for damaged or long hair
  • Zero Impact® Product 
  • Soft and light results
  • Suitable for travelling needs (75ml)
  • Energising floral and woody note scent
  • Cleanses and repairs damaged hair

How to Use

  • Apply to wet hair 
  • Ensure full coverage
  • Rinse well 
  • Repeat process 
  • Follow with using MELU Conditioner
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