Davines Naturaltech Energizing Gel 150ml

Brand: Davines


Hair Gel Treatment for Scalp and Fragile, Thinning Hair

Reduce hair loss in fragile and thinning hair by improving strength and body with the Davines Naturaltech Energizing Gel. Apply to the scalp and roots for a light hold and to stimulate the cells and improve blood circulation with Caffeine Phytoceuticals.

The gel is enriched with Davines' Hair Energy Complex which gives hydration to the surface and regulates the production of sebum.


  • Adds hydration to the surface of the scalp
  • Strengthens fine or stressed hair
  • Regulates sebum
  • Paraben free

How to Use

  • Use after shampooing
  • Massage gently over scalp
  • Do not rinse
  • Use twice a week for 3 months for preventive treatment or maintenance
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