Davines Naturaltech Well-Being Shampoo


£10.00 - £17.30
This product can only be delivered within the UK

Cleanses and softens all types of hair 

Suitable for all types of hair, the Davines Well-Being Shampoo provides an intense cleansing action to the hair for smooth and soft results. Enriched with a Vitamin C rich formula and a mix of gentle surfactants, the scalp will feel healthy and reinvigorated.


  • Vitamin C rich formula 
  • Deeply cleanses 
  • Smooth and soft results 
  • Promotes healthy scalp 

How to Use

  • Apply to damp hair 
  • Apply 20 grams of product 
  • Leave on for 3-4 minutes 
  • Rinse well 
  • Repeat process if necessary
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