Decleor Night Essence 3 x 7ml Vials

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A potent elixir of high quality targeted ingredients that transform the skin whilst you sleep

The Decleor Night Essence 3 x 7ml Vials is a high potency formula designed to accelerate cell renewal whilst you sleep so you awaken with the look of your skin visibly enhanced.


  • Suitable for mature skin or skin in need of a boost
  • A potent formulation that transforms the skin whilst you sleep
  • Contains high level targeted ingredients for superior results
  • Encourages superior cell renewal for more youthful looking skin

Inspired by Decleor beauty therapists, this salon-based formulation will elevate the look of the complexion whilst firming and plumping. The result is skin that visibly glows with a renewed look of youth.

Containing an exquisite blend of essential oils and plant oils which encourage the renewal of skin cells as you sleep to restore youthfulness and vibrancy, New Zealand Manuka to accelerate the cell renewal process whilst encouraging the production of more essential skin cells, Mediterranean Cistus that strengthens and boosts the cell regeneration process and Tropical Amaranth that helps reduce damage caused by harmful free radicals, you wake to skin that has been rejuvenated with a noticeable radiance that boosts skin confidence.

This exceptional results driven elixir is a real indulgent treat for skin that is in need of a boost and revitalisation.

Directions for Use

For precise dosage Night Essence comes in 3 vials. A pipette ensures enough for 10 days use for optimum results on cell renewal. Use at night after cleansing and toning instead of your Night Balm for 30 days. Apply to your face, neck and décolleté.

Using the index fingers, apply firm pressure on each key point for 5 seconds. This boosts the benefits of essential oils by releasing, stimulating or diffusing energy within the skin’s core.

Using the index and second fingers, perform three smoothing movements linking the key points. Begin with firm pressure, then medium, then light. This enhances the first step to activate the microcirculation and to add radiance to the skin.

Using the index and second fingers, perform three slow and deep circular smoothing movements linking the key points. This promotes cell regeneration and boosts the anti-ageing action of essential and plant oils.

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