Decleor Prolagène Lift - Lift Wrinkle Filler 30ml

Decleor Prolagène Lift - Lift Wrinkle Filler 30ml

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A premium salon formulation for intensive results on fine lines and wrinkles

Decleor’s Prolagène Lift - Lift Wrinkle Filler is formulated to intensively target fine lines and wrinkles for a visible reduction from the very first application. Developed by Decleor scientists, this salon based formulation brings optimum results to skin that is showing signs of ageing.


  • Suitable for mature skin types
  • Developed by Decleor scientists for optimum results on even deep facial lines
  • Premium ingredients ensure visible results from the first application
  • Calming lavender aroma

Active ingredients include L-Proline Complex that aids the formation of collagen that plumps and smooths the skin, Iris Essential Oil for improved skin tone, Hyaluronic Acids that boosts moisture for skin that is hydrated and reenergised, and a unique Lift Filler derived from Corn Extracts and Hyaluro-spheres to reduce lines and wrinkles from the very first moment of application.

This high-strength formula has been proven to lessen the appearance of even deeper lines and wrinkles, with a calming lavender aroma soothing the senses.

Directions for Use

  • After cleansing and toning, apply directly to wrinkles once or twice a week
  • Leave for 5 minutes then massage excess product into the skin with the fingertips

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